ONLINE Training Course

Our ONLINE training course "IT Provider Management Fundamentals" - based on our 9PROFITS method - provides a holistic overview of the topic and tried-and-tested approaches for setting up a provider management:



System and technical requirements for online participation in our online training course:


A responsible handling of your data is important to us. Therefore, we have implemented the following security measures for our online training courses:

  • The recording function is deactivated for all seminar participants and the instructor.
  • Invitations to the seminar are sent via Outlook, which means that no e-mail addresses are passed on to zoom/teams.
  • The participant name, or, if desired, a pseudonym, can be freely selected during dial-in. A Zoom/Teams user account is not required!
  • The seminar participants first enter a "waiting room". Only after the lecturer has released the participants, can they enter the actual "training room".
  • The access to the meeting is secured by a link / password entry.
  • Participation is also possible via a browser access, so that the use of the Zoom/Teams client is not necessary. However, we recommend the use of the zoom client, as this is the only way to guarantee the full functionality of the application!
  • The audio and video functions are switched off when dialling into the seminar, i.e. the participant must consciously switch them on.


Please also note the privacy policy and terms of use respective online platform provider:


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



topics: outsourcing - successful acceptance in the transition phase, customer communication in ITSM

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with us you are safe!

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topics: IT service manager vs provider manager, the "expectations" risk in provider management

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