• STRATEGY / PLANNING The appropriate sourcing strategy to meet the business objectives is often not immediately apparent at first glance. In addition, factors such as technical and organisational interfaces, risk assessments, employee motivation and legal issues quickly increase the degree of complexity of an outsourcing project. We will help you to keep track of your project and provide you with independent and consistent goal-oriented consulting.

  • TENDER / CONTRACT Our specialists for outsourcing and tendering procedures (particularly in the public sector) accompany you from the initial outsourcing decision to controlled operations. We work in close collaboration with you to compile VOL compliant tender documents and assist you in the selection of tenders and the ensuing contractor talks. When drafting the contract, you can rely on our accumulated knowledge in the field of tendering procedures. Using a systematic approach we specify together with you deliverables that meet the requirements but also from the market professionally operated services and will fix them in service level agreements (SLAs).

  • TRANSITION / PROCESS INTERFACES After the conclusion of the contract follows the critical transition phase. This phase is often underestimated. We assist you with the implementation of the transition project and ensure that the conditions for efficient operations will be created (for more information on project support, click here). Thus, to ensure that the actual benefit that was sought with the outsourcing is realised, we will help you with the process-related integration into the retained organisation.

  • PROVIDER MANAGEMENT In a relationship between contracting parties it is important to identify and resolve differences at an early stage. In order to obtain the desired quality and further develop the services in the follow-up phase of the outsourcing project, an appropriate provider management is of the essence. Together with you, we develop a concept for an effective provider management and help you with the detailed planning and implementation.



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