IT Provider Management Consulting

After outsourcing your IT services, the providers who operate these services for you must be managed. It has to be ensured that they provide their services in the agreed quality. Of equal importance is the seamless integration of the services of different providers (internal and external). This applies to company-specific as well as highly standardised cloud services. Furthermore, it must be ensured that providers implement new requirements of your business quickly and flexibly.

To do this, you need an efficient IT provider management that ensures smooth cooperation between all parties involved, even in critical operating situations.

In order to tailor this to your company needs, amendos has developed the 9PROFITS method (9 Dimensions - Provider Management of IT Service Providers) based on our experiences and insights gained from a wide range of customer projects. It takes into consideration methods and approaches from standard frameworks like ITIL, COBIT and SIAM and can be employed in different phases of the outsourcing life cycle. 9PROFITS is based on a holistic approach that takes following nine dimensions into account:

These nine dimensions and the associated solutions are explained in detail in our book IT-Providermanagement - externe Provider optimal steuern (Please note that this book is only available in German!). On the basis of the 9PROFITS approach, we offer you a system of services, which is unique on the market, for the precise design of your provider management, regardless of whether you have outsourced to one or several providers and whether you use individual or highly standardised (cloud) services:
  • DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION We support you in the goal-oriented set-up of your IT provider management, starting with designing and planning through its implementation to operations. We include all dimensions of the 9PROFITS approach in our consulting.

  • SERVICE INTEGRATION AND MANAGEMENT (SIAM) In a complex IT landscape with many providers, your potential benefits lie in the precise integration of services and their management. With our 9PROFITS method, we help you to realise the optimum of potential benefits.

  • QUALIFICATION OF PERSONNEL Through an extensive training programme in all aspects of IT provider management, we further qualify your employees so that they meet the requirements of managing a provider. Our seminar "IT Provider Management Fundamentals" - based on the 9PROFITS method - provides a holistic overview of the topic and tried-and-tested approaches for setting up a provider management. Additional seminars deepen individual areas of knowledge.

  • OPTIMISATION We analyse the maturity level of your existing IT provider management with the help of a maturity level model developed by us, which is based on the international standard ISO/IEC 15504. We identify vulnerabilities and work with you to develop a catalogue of measures for optimisation across all 9PROFITS dimensions. This enables you to integrate providers seamlessly into your own organisation and achieve your own sourcing goals.



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