The goal of every CIO is the development of an efficient, secure and future-oriented IT. The introduction of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the established long term strategy to support the existing business processes. The SOA in turn should be supported in the best possible way by the underlying infrastructure.

Kompetenzen: IT-Service-Management, Outsourcing, Projektmanagement

The current challenges arising from this strategy are to master the IT service management and to exploit the potential of outsourcing. The necessary flexibility to meet market requirements calls for a precise and reliable project management.

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  1. Outsourcing
  2. IT Provider Management
  3. IT Service Management
  4. Project Management



topics: multi-provider management - code of conduct, Managed Services vs. classical IT outsourcing

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Learn to actively shape the cooperation with your external providers.

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What developments are there in multi-provider management?

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