Project Management Consulting

The fast changing demands of the market require an IT organisation that can flexibly respond to them. The basis for this is a mature and efficient project portfolio, programme and project management which hinges upon the qualification of the staff involved.

  • PM STANDARD If you are under the impression that not the "right" projects are implemented or projects are not managed adequately - for example, the current status report does not reflect the project reality - this is an indicator for structural optimisation potential.
    Deploy your valuable resources efficiently and avoid additional organisational effort for readjustments. We will help you to identify weaknesses and to create a project management system that is tailored to your needs.

  • RESOURCES The available project managers are often already busy and yet they are assigned even more projects during peak periods. As a result strategic projects are sometimes not implemented. Do not let it get that far. We support you with our experts in staffing bottlenecks and capacity building situations: they assume project management tasks, support the internal project manager or work in the area of project offices (PO). Our experienced and certified project managers look forward to facing your challenges.

  • QUALIFICATION If peak periods are the rule, it is time for broadening However, qualified project managers are difficult to find. Many businesses revert therefore to train and develop their own employees. Through our diverse approaches from on-the-job-training to practical seminars, we can significantly accelerate the professional development process of your employees.

  • PROJECT CRISES Even the best structures and employees cannot guarantee that every project is completed without a crisis occurring. The challenge is to detect it in time and initiate an appropriate crisis management. With our proven turnaround management approach, we get seemingly hopeless projects back on track.



amendos lecture on the topic of "Multi-Provider Management"

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topics: conceptual design for multi-provider management, win-win for provider management

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Our training course “IT Provider Management Fundamentals” is now also available in English.

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