In the course of the digital transformation, information technology is becoming a key factor in the core business of companies by enabling the creation of new value-added processes and disruptive business models. At the same time, the world is becoming increasingly volatile, insecure, complex and ambiguous (so-called "VUCA world"). The task of responding in a minimum of time to business requirements and creating agile new solutions in this world continuously increases the pressure on the internal IT organisation of a company.

In order to become the driver of the digital transformation and master the challenges of the VUCA world, the internal IT organisation must keep pace with the rate of change of the business. Essential prerequisites for this are the continuous improvement of their own IT service management and the reduction of their own vertical range of manufacture. In this context, goal-oriented cooperation with external providers, whose IT services can be integrated quickly and seamlessly into the company's own service offers, is essential.  

amendos specialises in supporting internal IT organisations on their way to becoming the drivers of digital transformation. The focus of our consulting services is on establishing a productive collaboration with IT providers (i.e. IT outsourcing and provider management).

With our 9PROFITS method, we are the only consulting firm on the market to offer you a holistic approach for designing your provider management and - based on this method - a system of services for setting-up an efficient provider management.



topics: outsourcing - successful acceptance in the transition phase, customer communication in ITSM

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topics: IT service manager vs provider manager, the "expectations" risk in provider management

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