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This workshop supports you if …

  • your service provider management organisation is in the process of being set up or restructured. This can be triggered, for example, by a major outsourcing project in which IT services are outsourced to service providers for the first time or repeatedly.
    In these situations, you can use the workshop to identify gaps and weaknesses in your existing organisational concept and plan remedial measures.
  • your service provider management organisation has been established for some time and not everything runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.
    In these situations, you can analyse these weaknesses in the workshop and plan approaches for improvement.


  • managing expectations and setting workshop goals
  • creation of a common understanding of IT service provider management (definition of terms, content, orientation)
  • presentation of the 9PROFIT framework with its nine dimensions that address all aspects of service provider management
  • status analysis based on the 9PROFIT dimensions:
    • each dimension is presented with its contents and design options
    • the current implementation in your own organisation is analysed in the team
    • Gaps and weaknesses are identified and prioritised
    • a catalogue of measures to close the weaknesses is developed, which assigns a responsible person and a time horizon to each measure
  • review of the over-all result and determination of the further course of action


  • slides “IT Providermanagement Fundamentals”
  • photo protocol of the results
  • catalogue of measures
  • concept for further action

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The relationship with your service providers and disruptions in the collaboration are explored. A roadmap for relationship development will be worked out.


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