Description of tasks:

As part of a process optimization of the network service, our public customer plans to outsource partial services to an external service provider.

A concept for the reorganization of the network service developed by amendos during the planning phase forms the basis of the tender. This concept specifies which tasks are to be performed by the external service provider and how the cooperation with the external service provider will be structured in the future within the framework of IT vendor management.

Our Services:

We start by advising the client on the selection of the appropriate request for proposal procedure. The client decides on a public procurement procedure according to the German regulation “VGV”.

Afterwards, on the basis of our concept, we prepare tender documents that comply with procurement law and consist of the following elements:

  • Terms and conditions of purchase of the customer, supplemented by technical topics concerning the terms and conditions of the contract,
  • Suitability and evaluation criteria,
  • Specifications for network service setup:
    especially regarding installation, documentation and acceptance procedures,
  • an exact description of the initial situation, the to-be concept and the resulting services to be offered,
  • a detailed specification of interfaces between internal and external organization, cooperation and planned IT vendor management,
  • SLA specifications regarding the services to be delivered,
  • a price sheet, which specifies the respective quantities and requested price positions for each service to be offered in individual items,
  • a draft contract based on the public sample agreement EVB-IT.

After the contract has been announced and the request for proposal documents have been sent out, we provide support in the bidding phase by answering the bidders’ questions. Subsequently, the bids received are evaluated according to formal, technical and economic criteria. In coordination with the client, a documentation of the bid evaluation including the recommended next steps is prepared. On this basis, we accompany bidder discussions to clarify open points and subsequently supplement the bid evaluation with a recommendation for awarding the contract.