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amendos and the team have already decided in the year of foundation to take social responsibility as a company. We do not give Christmas presents and instead donate money every year to institutions that help people in great need.

In doing so, we try to help primarily the weakest: the sick and the children. In recent years, our donations have gone to the following institutions:


Médecins Sans Frontières




As a company and a team, we take responsibility for our environment and climate protection. We actively work to minimize the negative impact of our activities on the environment. Our goal is sustainability.


The amendos team takes responsibility in actively participating in various actions to preserve our environment and support sustainability approaches.

“Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein plant drinking water”.

Our team participated in the project “Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein plant drinking water”, organized by Klimapatenschaft GmbH together with Trinkwasserwald e.V..

In November 2020, 149 trees were planted for amendos, generating additional groundwater in the Klövensteen forest (near Hamburg).

Due to the pandemic, we were unfortunately not allowed to be active ourselves in the winter of 2020, but our trees were nevertheless planted by the organizers.

With this project, we have helped to ensure that the water that companies consume, e.g. for the manufacture of products, is compensated for through targeted and sustainable planting measures.