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Operational Vendor Management

We take over the operational vendor management for you, i.e. the control of your service providers in day-to-day business. In doing so, we work closely with your internal stakeholders (including departments, procurement, controlling) and provider representatives to ensure smooth and efficient service provider performance. In detail, we perform the following tasks for you: 

As part of the management of your service providers, we ensure that they provide the agreed services in the quality agreed with you. To this end, we assume responsibility for 

  • Reviewing the provider’s monthly service reports and monitoring compliance with the service level agreements (SLAs) 
  • Coordinating measures in the event of violations of SLAs and, if necessary, enforcing contractual penalties 
  • Identifying bottlenecks, trends and, if necessary, taking countermeasures in the event of performance problems on the part of the provider 
  • Regular reporting to your management and, if necessary, to other departments

With our Operational Vendor Management service we ensure that your service providers handle day-to-day operations efficiently and as smoothly as possible. For this purpose we take over 

  • The conduct of regular operational meetings with the provider to discuss the status of operational service delivery and coordinate actions in case of problems. 
  • The coordination of improvement measures when fundamental weaknesses in operational processes are identified 
  • The review and approval of service requests 
  • The managing of relationships with internal and external service stakeholders 
  • The coordination and support of information and communication events for customers and users. 

As part of the management of your service providers, we check for you whether external services are billed correctly and remain within the planned budget framework. For this purpose we take over 

  • invoice auditing, initiation of corrections and invoice approval 
  • monitoring of the planned budgets 
  • planning, coordinating and implementing measures to avoid impending budget overruns 
  • Ensuring the correct internal cost allocation 

We take care of all service-related change requests of your departments and service providers. In particular, we ensure that these are correctly and economically offered, approved and efficiently implemented. In detail we take over 

  • the acceptance, recording and evaluation of change requests, from small changes to extensive projects 
  • the evaluation of the content and coordination of requisition offers (claims) from the service providers, in close cooperation with your procurement department 
  • Carrying out all necessary coordination with departments, management and service providers, as well as informing all the involved 
  • Monitoring the implementation and acceptance of changes 
  • Coordinating the necessary briefings and training sessions for the affected users 
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