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The workshop Efficiency Check Supplier Relationship Management will help you when, after successful IT outsourcing, …

  • the cooperation with your service providers does not always work smoothly. For example, you may not be satisfied with the quality of the services provided, but you cannot get the service provider(s) to improve the situation.
  • conflicts with service providers occur again and again or even more frequently, which increasingly affect the relationship between the parties in addition to the quality of service.

In both situations, you will identify points of friction in the cooperation and conflicts in the workshop, analyze the causes and learn approaches for developing an effective cooperation relationship in the future.


  • managing expectations and setting workshop goals
  • creation of a common understanding of the organizational and technical requirements for successful IT vendor management (contracts, roles, committees, processes, tools, etc.) – the factual level of cooperation
  • optimization of the service or cooperation relationship based on the Tuckman model with its four phases (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing)
  • status analysis based on the four phases:
    • analysis of the current (problematic) cooperation situation
    • identification of problem and conflict areas
    • development of approaches for effective governance
    • transfer and implementation of solutions and agreements
  • review of the over-all result and determination of the further proceeding


  • Firstly a list of problem/conflict areas and approaches to their solutions.
  • Secondly skills developed jointly in the team for effective control.
  • Third photo protocol of the results.
  • Finally an approach for further action.

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The status of your IT vendor management is analyzed on the basis of the 9PROFITS framework. An action plan is drawn up for any weaknesses identified.


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