Description of tasks:

The IT organization of a medium-sized industrial company has set itself the goal of aligning its IT services more closely with business requirements. For this purpose, the current services are to be mapped in an IT service catalog for the first time in order to be able to strategically control further development of the service portfolio on this basis.

Our Services:

At the beginning we clarify the basic conditions of the current service provision. In particular, we identify which organizational units provide IT services, how the relationships between them are regulated, and how the coordination with internal customers takes place.

This is followed by an as-is analysis to record and analyze the services that are currently being provided but have not yet been documented in a proper way. For this purpose, we conduct interviews with the IT service providers and customer representatives. The goal is to obtain an overview of the content of the current services and their quality.

Based on this, the services are redesigned. For this purpose, we present a methodology to the stakeholders to be involved and coordinate it with them. The methodology contains a two-stage procedure which – in line with ITIL – enables the definition of technical services and derives business services from them.

Technical and business services are defined on this basis: the service content is compiled for each service and the service levels are defined. The services created are aligned with the customer’s current requirements. At all stages, we work closely with internal IT and business representatives to ensure that the services meet requirements and are economically viable.

The service definitions are documented in a suitable form so that they can be imported into the existing ITSM tool. In addition, this data is prepared in the form of a service catalog that is available to the target groups.