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Manage Service Providers

We support you in establishing successful IT vendor management in regular operations: In addition to goal-oriented work in steering committees, this also includes rapid resolution of disruptions and conflicts. And the active development of constructive cooperation.

In addition to designing the necessary organizational framework, we help you to be more successful in direct communication with provider representatives, to ensure good IT service together with the provider and to improve it continuously.

We help you with the organizational design of the cooperation with provider representatives. This is the prerequisite to manage service providers effectively. For this purpose, we support you in the conception and establishment of:

  • procedures for monitoring provider performance and reporting
  • the organization of meetings, escalation and approvals
  • procedures for handling changes and project requests
  • the management of finances, offers and invoices
  • risk management and compliance management

You and your service providers each pursue their own goals when concluding a contract, and the essential goals are contradictory: You as the client want to receive as much service as possible for your money, while your service providers want to generate attractive margins with their services.

In order to minimize the resulting conflict potential and avoid permanent friction losses, we help you to establish an active relationship management with your providers. The goal here is to develop a cooperative relationship from which all parties benefit.

We support you with the following services:

  • development and agreement of a common code of conduct based on shared values (e.g. trust, commitment)
  • introduction of a culture of cooperation based on the Code of Conduct (internally and in cross-party teams)
  • soft skill training for your employees in IT vendor management (especially with regard to communication, expectation management, conflict management)
  • moderation of cross-party team development (client, service provider)
  • mediation in conflict situations with service providers

We help you to establish a continuous development of your services and your IT vendor management. That is how we ensure that your service providers are well managed. For this purpose, we support you in the development and introduction of

  • a continuous improvement process (optionally with agile approach),
  • a jointly operated innovation management,
  • a maturity analysis procedure to improve your IT vendor management (based on ISO 15504 / SPICE and our 9PROFITS framework).
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Project references

For reasons of confidentiality, we present below examples of projects that have been handled in a similar form by our consultants – for various clients.