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Successfully managing IT projects in companies is not an easy task in itself. If you want to conduct projects with service providers, this means an additional challenge: cross-company teams are difficult to lead to success, as fronts can quickly form between the parties in critical situations.

When you outsource IT services, you work with service providers in two typical project categories:

  • in transition and transformation projects which have to be completed before the provider takes over service operation,
  • in other IT projects, usually after integration of service providers into your own service management.

No matter which functions and tasks are taken over by the provider in projects with service providers: There will always remain tasks for you and your team. These can be just some supportive tasks or extensive project parts. Furthermore you are still responsible for controlling the service provider in projects.

We support you in case of bottlenecks in your team with our experts – experienced in exactly such projects – to ensure your project success. Depending on the situation and your needs, we can take over different services for you:

We provide you with our experts, who have several years of experience in project management. Then they, as a reinforcement of your team, take on the following functions in particular:

  • Internal Project Manager, solely responsible or as “dual leadership”:
    planning and control of the overall project or all internal activities, acceptance of the service provider’s services, stakeholder communication, etc.
  • Rollout Manager in transition and transformation projects:
    planning and coordination of internal tasks of the service rollout, in coordination with service providers and target groups affected by the rollout
  • Project Office:
    support services for project management, especially organization and moderation of project (status) meetings, project status reporting, project controlling

Collaboration with service providers in projects harbors an increased potential for conflict due to the sometimes divergent interests and goals of the parties.

Our experts are specialized in special functions in such projects. They support you with the following services:

  • reinforcement of the internal project team: Takeover of internal project tasks in the subject areas of IT infrastructure, processes, tools and services
  • coaching of your internal project managers and selected project members
  • cross-party team building and conflict management in projects
  • turnaround management: leading projects out of crisis in hopeless situations
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Project references

For reasons of confidentiality, we present below examples of projects that have been handled in a similar form by our consultants – for various clients.