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Establish IT Vendor Management

You have to establish IT Vendor Management because you have outsourced IT services? We support you in designing your internal organization in such a way that you can successfully cooperate with service providers and manage them appropriately.

We take into account if you work with one or several service providers, whether you use individualized or standardized (cloud) services and which tasks in your company are currently performed by specialized units (e.g., purchasing).

Together with you we create:

  • an organizational structure that fits your company
  • requirement profiles and a qualification program for your personnel
  • in interaction with providers, functioning processes and
  • appropriate tool support for the service provider cooperation

Here, the following applies: We not only develop suitable concepts, we also support you in successfully implementing them.

To develop the right organization for you, we support you in the following areas:

  • if you pursue a multi-provider strategy: Identification of required cross-provider standards (including contract regulations, SLA and reporting requirements) and tasks
  • development of the organizational concept: analysis of all tasks for IT vendor management, assignment of tasks to roles and roles to units
  • estimation of personal resource requirements in units for vendor management
  • implementation of the new organization

We help you to fill the roles required in service provider management with suitable personnel and to develop your employees according to the role-specific requirements. To this end, we support you in the following areas:

  • development of job descriptions and skill requirement profiles
  • creation of personnel development concepts and training programs
  • training of employees in the field of IT vendor management
  • coaching of employees
  • temporary take over tasks in IT vendor management, interim management

We help you to set up your processes in such a way that you can work seamlessly together with service providers. For this we support you in the following areas:

  • identification of processes with service provider involvement
  • design of interfaces to service providers and measurement of process related KPIs (for multi-provider environments: standard specifications),
  • design of process related reporting and process monitoring
  • management of process implementations

We help you build the toolset you need for your IT vendor management. The goal is to make all information relevant to their tasks accessible to your team members. In addition, process interfaces and SLA measurement should be adequately supported by tools.

We can provide you with support in the following areas:

  • analysis of the existing tool landscape and the tool requirements derived from the IT vendor management tasks
  • development of a data model for vendor management
  • tool support concept
  • management of tool implementation activities
  • development of templates and MS SharePoint solutions
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Project references

For reasons of confidentiality, we present below examples of projects that have been handled in a similar form by our consultants – for various clients.