Description of tasks:

The IT department of a chemical company wants to simplify the access to its services for its IT users. For this purpose, a central service portal has been set up where all service requests can be initiated. In a follow-up project, various service request processes will now be optimized in order to further simplify and accelerate service requests.

Our Services:

We first clarify the basic conditions: the relevant process landscape including the adjacent processes as well as existing process standards and tools, process participants and process users. In addition, we ensure that the employees relevant for the success of the process optimization are involved in the project and attuned to the project task.

After that for each process the following steps are run through in workshops moderated by us (and prepared before and documented afterwards):

  • The first step is to analyze the current process. This is based on interviews and the existing documentation, which is updated and concretized as required.
  • Subsequently, the current weak points are identified and documented in a structured manner.
  • Based on the identified weaknesses, the new target process is developed together with the internal team. We design the process redesign as a creative process aligned to the goals, so that all participants can consciously break away from existing procedures.

We document the to-be processes in accordance with the company’s existing specifications and process modeling standards using existing tools. We accompany all steps established in the company to coordinate and approve the designed target processes and plan and control their implementation. In addition to the technical implementation, this also includes the information and training of various stakeholder groups, the implementation of organizational measures, and the execution of a pilot phase.