Description of tasks:

A medium-sized service company has handed over the hardware service for its workplace PCs to an external service provider. It is now planning to outsource the entire workplace service. As part of this IT outsourcing project, an IT vendor management organization was set up so that the service provider could be appropriately monitored during the operating phase. The concept to be created will also be used as a basis for managing other service providers in the future.

Our services:

We support the development of IT vendor management organization by taking on the following tasks, which we handle in close coordination with the internal units involved:

  • Analysis of the general conditions:
    e.g. company development, strategy, IT service management
  • As-is analysis of the relevant internal organization:
    Organizational units involved in vendor management, existing staffing, task assignment, rules, procedures and tools
  • Requirement analysis:
    Analysis of required tasks for service delivery and service provider control
  • Creation of a to-be concept for IT vendor management:
    future conception of service provider control, roles and responsibilities, process design, tool support, staff selection and development.

After adoption of the to-be concept we accompany the implementation of the IT vendor management concept.