Description of tasks:

A financial services company has outsourced some of its IT services to various providers. The IT vendor management was set up individually for each outsourcing project, i.e., there is no consistent handling within the company. Now, a comprehensive IT vendor management concept is to be created in order to increase the efficiency of vendor management and to increase the profitability of the external services. For this purpose, a maturity analysis of the existing vendor management is to be carried out as part of a preliminary study in order to obtain an overview of the initial situation.

Our Services:

We provide a maturity model based on ISO 15504 (SPICE) and perform a maturity analysis of the IT vendor management. In this context, we provide the following services in detail:

  • Coordination of goals and approach:
    We present our maturity model and the analysis procedure. Afterwards, we agree on the necessary adjustments and identify the employees to be involved. We define the desired goals, in particular the target maturity level, together with the team.
  • Determination of the maturity level of the status quo:
    The current status of IT vendor management is determined in interviews and workshops with predefined employees. The results are analyzed, processed and consolidated into a maturity level. This actual maturity level is then compared with the defined target maturity level.
  • Evaluation of results and derivation of measures:
    The preparation of the results is presented to the team. A joint gap analysis is performed, on the basis of which improvement measures are identified and prioritized. All results are appropriately documented.

We prepare all results of the maturity analysis in a management presentation and present it to a management committee.