DevOps - Follow-up to the conference hosted by the Softwareforen Leipzig

Trends and best practices in the area of DevOps

The user group "IT service management" of the Softwareforen Leipzig organizes regular meetings and conferences on current topics of the community. The importance of DevOps increases and the focus of the event on April 25th and 26th, 2017 therefore was on "implementing DevOps concepts: how to coordinate agile software development and IT service management". Our senior consultant Michael Schneegans summarizes his impressions as follows:

  • There is a consensus that the culture and mindset must be right before the right tools can be discussed.
  • No one wants to replace ITIL, but modifications are necessary.     
  • The greatest challenges will arise in companies in which structures, processes and IT systems have grown over decades.     
  • The immense savings potential which result from transferring software into operations are an incentive to take these challenges on.    
  • In the medium-term the use of these potentials will become a matter of survival for companies and their IT.

You can download the presentation here.


Please note that the presentation is available only in German.