What is the status of your provider management?

Discover possible weaknesses with our maturity model.

In many companies that have been working with external providers for a long time, we are faced with the situation that the provider management has grown historically. If you then want to check whether a structural realignment or only individual improvement measures are necessary to improve the efficiency of provider management and the overall IT service, the question of the entry method often arises.

We have developed a maturity level model based on the ISO 15504 that considers and evaluates not only processes but the entire organisation of the provider management.

So far, we have been able to achieve very good results, both as a starting point for fundamental reorganisation projects and for the continuous improvement process. The results reflect the maturity level of the overall organisation, but also show the maturity of sub-elements and individual processes and thus make improvement potentials visible. Trend analyses over a longer period of time are also possible.

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